Most Valuable Undergrad College Degrees

If how much you make after you graduate is a huge factor in your choice of major, it might be time to brush up on those math skills and look into a field in engineering. According to, the majority of the top ten degree programs by salary are in the engineering field. The below chart is from and lists the top ten college majors with the highest salaries, both straight out of college and after year of experience. Physics and economics are also listed in the top ten.


Within the engineering field there are many different paths to be taken. If you were to go into design and development your tasks may include; designing buildings, highways, and transit systems, or developing ways to extract, process, and use raw materials. You could also go into the technology field. The other direction in Engineering is the testing, production, or maintenance route. This would allow you to supervise production, figure out problems with equipment and solve them, or manage projects by determining time and cost needed for that project to be completed.

The need for Engineers is expected to grow by 11 percent within this decade. The sub-categories expected to have the most growth are research and development and consulting services, according to the US Department of Labor. Also, the fast advances in technology along with competitiveness are expected to increase the need for Computer Engineers and others in related categories. The sustainability movement is also opening a lot of doors for engineer students.

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