10 Reasons To Get A Masters Degree

Thinking about going back to school to get your Master’s Degree? Consider the top 10 reasons to get a Master’s Degree and find out if graduate school is for you.

1. Earn More Money. We all want to find ways to make more money and it is a proven fact that the higher your degree level the higher your salary. On average employees with a master’s degree will earn over $10,000 more each year than fellow employees with a bachelor’s degree. The median annual income for employees holding a master’s degree in 2006 was $75,430 compared to $60,910 for those with a bachelor’s degree in the same year.

2. Be More Prepared For Your Field. Earning a master’s degree can be advantageous in adequately preparing for your chosen field. Master’s programs specialized in certain areas, such as Business, will greatly increase your knowledge and expertise in your occupational field. In current economic times, competition for careers is higher than ever and learning more about your specialized area of study and gaining extra knowledge can increase your chances of landing the job you desire post graduation.

3. Advancement. One of the most important factors when considering a new career is the opportunity for advancement. Earning a master’s degree can greatly increase your chances of advancing within a company once you are hired. Obtaining a master’s degree before landing a job can open doors for you within the company later. Earning your master’s degree while working for the company will show your high level of motivation and make you eligible for advancement opportunities which may only be open to employees holding master’s degrees.

4. You Love School. It may sound funny, but some of us do love school. If you enjoy learning and advancing your education the next logical step after earning a bachelor’s degree is to get your master’s. A master’s degree program will allow you to advance your education in a field of study of your choice and progress as a scholar.

5. Jobs Are Scarce. The unfortunate truth is that with economic hardship came a decrease in available jobs. Recent college graduates and students with graduation up and coming are facing a job market vastly different from those available to graduates three years ago. Rather than spending months job searching or money traveling, several recent graduates with bachelor’s or associate’s degrees are turning to graduate school as the next step. Time spent in a master’s degree program will increase your odds of getting hired for the position you desire and is an advantageous use of time while the economy is recovering.

6. Challenge Yourself. Earning a master’s degree can be about personal growth. Time spent earning a bachelor’s or associate’s degree is often in our late teens or early twenties and focused on learning several subjects rather than focusing intimately on one. Graduate school will offer the challenge of deeply understanding one subject of interest. The courses are more difficult and schooling is more strenuous but the reward of mastering a subject you care about can be extraordinary.

7. Love Your Job. Whether you have worked for one year or fifteen years in your desired field going to school to earn your master’s degree can open doors for several new opportunities. Recent polls show less than half of all Americans are satisfied with their jobs – earning a master’s degree can bring focus and clarity to what you love and steer you in right the direction to follow your dreams.

8. New Options. In the current recession several Americans have lost their jobs. Losing a job can be a blessing in disguise, forcing you out of your comfort zone and into new options and opportunities. Increase your chances at landing a new, better job by attending online graduate school. For those of us with families and daily responsibilities attending grad school online is the perfect way to make time for school and increase your future earning potential.

9. Be More Marketable. While a master’s degree is not require for several “entry-level” jobs, submitting your resume after earning a graduate degree can ensure it makes it to the top of the pile. As you continue to apply for positions your advanced degree could prove invaluable for getting your resume read as employers are flooded with applicants.

10. Experience. While attending graduate school you are exposed to new faculty, professors, students and surroundings, not to mention academic challenges. The experience of earning a master’s degree will allow you to learn from and absorb perspectives and information you may not otherwise have the opportunity to encounter. Broadening your experience through advanced education can more adequately prepare you for working in your occupational field and make you a more well-rounded job candidate and person.

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